Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Believe in yourself because if you don't tell me who will?

Art Calms the storms brewing inside and allows you to

control your external pressure to be released; The outcome

becomes a visiable "IMAGE" that you can share to other people

all over who have hit the wall.

Take a deep breath and then step back...Know that you are not alone

in this darkness and a LIGHT burns bright close by. Open your eyes

wide and take control of your world. "INSPIRATION" can be spread

and become a way Create ART! I believe we can all make a difference

through ART! Smiles, Jean

Thursday, April 19, 2012

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Scrapping with LISA!

Design Team Call

We are doing a Design Team Call

Scrapping with Lisa Designs is looking for talented and creative artists to join their design team. The expectations are listed below. If you believe you qualify and can meet these expectations, please send your information along with three projects to Lisa at ljopeters62@yahoo.com .

  • Design Team has been divided into two groups --- each group is expected to have 2 projects per month with a hop at the end of the month
  • Each member of the Design Team is expected to remark on the fan page on a daily basis and to promote Lisa's designs
  • Design Team members are not to share designs with others
  • Design Team has no set duration --- you can be part of this Design Team as long as you wish and/or as long as you keep up with the projects and meet the expectations.
  • There is no stress, no drama
  • Each team member for their individual design team will each have the same design to showcase the many uses that design can project whether it be a card, layout, altered journal, etc
  • All projects pictures are to be posted on the DT page and the fan page
  • Please link the .svg file to the Scrapping With Lisa Designs store when posting on your blog
  • All projects are to be posted on the DT page by 10PM EST and all blogs are to go live at midnight EST on Sunday evenings with the projects being live on Monday's
  • Please friend all of your DT sisters and put their blog buttons on your blog page to promote each other!
As a design team member, you will be held accountable for the above expectations. While we do promote a no stress, no drama design team, we do expect you to be accountable for what you have agreed to do when you join our team.

If you are interested in showcasing your talents with paper piecing from Scrapping With Lisa Designs. Please email Lisa at ljopeters@yahoo.com.

Scrapping with lisa

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mixed Media Card

Puzzle Piece, Beads, Veil Embellishment,
                Acrylic Paint, Crayons, Sharpies.


JADS KIDS SOPHIE 25: First Project:


 This is the blog that Jean's Art Dolls is using to communicate to the artist's that can't get into the official website. http://www.jeansartbolls.com We have a flaw in the software and I have to officially approve you before you can get into the forum. Please e-mail me if you can't access the Website. Jads is filled with so much information that I really want to share it with you. My e-mail address is:victorianstamperjean@yahoo.com  Please be patient and I will approve you. I appreciate it very much. Artfully, Jean/ Owner of JEAN'S ART DOLLS. Welcome to Jean's Art Dolls Blog: Come on in have a beverage and some freshly baked cookies; Put you feet up on the coffee table and lets share techniques, experiences and our day to day adventures. I have been accepted to design for "Stamp Insanity" I am so pleased to be a "Groovy Gurl". I am so happy I am doing my favorite "happy dance" join me...PLease stop in daily and see just what I am doing. I have a motto: ...dare to be different! I practice it everyday..but, also stay in my comfort zone until I have grown my wings a little wider and I am flying high in the sky. Enjoy and have fun. artdoll, jean ******************************************************* ******************************************************* Greetings! I am so glad you found me. My name is jean and I was born with a crayon in my hand. I can't tell you how many times I was reminded not to draw on the walls in my room and the hallway in the house. I will admit that I even drew on the bathroom wall at school. I was always drawing and coloring, While the other children were playing with Barbie dolls and dressing them. I was drawing my dolls and cutting them out, then I would design clothes for them I was only happy when I was designing and playing with my dolls. As I matured I started filling notebooks with sketches. If I was inspired by something, I would sit and write down colors that I liked and return to draw an outfit. Every doll was different and named. I also gave the doll a birthday. This was on the day the doll was designed. I had a cardboard box and each doll was wrapped in tissue paper. These dolls were my life. I never allowed the other children to touch them. or play with them. I find happiness and a sense of well being when I create my art. My hobbies also include fiber art,mixed media art, steampunk, dark art.  collage, victorian art, altered dooks, art journals, rubber stamping and scrapbooking. macrame, domino jewerly, crochet, stone rubbings,and much more. These are just a few of the many things I do. If it has been done...I have done it. I have plans to write a book about my paper art dolls. I will complete the book in the future. I love meeting other artists who make paper art dolls. I love to be different. And have a motto I repeat often ... "dare to be different!" Never think you have to follow in someone elses foot steps. Never hide your art because you do not think it is good enough. Show it off. Art is made to hang on the wall and to be showed off. *I can't wait to get my art out of the box and show my pride and joys off. I express just who I am through my art work. I design differently every day. And my moods reflect this. It is like magic to me and I never have artist block. Sometimes I will have 5 projects started and will finish each one. I have never started a piece of art and tossed it in a pile. My art means too much to me. Hope you enjoyed your visit. And ...dare to be different...very different! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* ******************************************************* http://www.jeansartdolls.com I have been rubber stamping for 25 years and have learned alot and have mingled into everything related to stamping. Though a rubber stamp ink blot is usually made using an ink pad and rubber stamps, you can have many styles when you stamp. Maybe you like flowers or birds or just use word stamps to make a card or a tag. I have ventured into this unexplored area and find it is my muse. Rubber Stamp Ink Blotting allows you to step out of the “box” and explore your natural creativity like we once had as a child learning to hold a crayon. It is an easy process if you want to take the time and learn. I taught myself by experimenting with “shapes”. I wanted “movement” in my art and I am still trying to find this in inkings. Not one of my ink blots are the same. I do not start by planning what I want to design, they just flow freely onto the paper by positioning images onto paper using different angles —no rules are needed. Just like making an abstract painting, it cannot be easily explained or taught. I am a self taught mixed media artist. I like designing zines, ATCs, art journals, cards, mingle in vintage, grunge, pop art, abstract and artsy styles. I am considered a mood artist. I have found a safe haven in art that no one else can disturb. It is a creative outlet that allows me to be myself through this filterless process. No restraints present; the fluid just flows in the neon liquid pool that produces waves of natural vibrations. And I usually don’t title my work not to take the mystery out of it. How do I design? With an open mind and an imagination! And if the art doesn’t have wings… I just add them! Artfully, Jean.

e-mail me at: victorianstamperjean@yahoo.com